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Welcome to
The Oliver Press

History, Biography, Geography, Art, and Science Books for Young Adult Readers.

At The Oliver Press we view history as much more than a collection of facts and dates. While these nuts and bolts from the past are certainly important, we believe that people and the events they shaped are truly the bricks and mortar of history. That’s why our titles focus on people, on the individuals whose thoughts and actions influenced the lives we lead today.

We offer the following curriculum-based series:

  • How It Happens: Full-color, behind-the-scenes looks at how popular products are made and how everyday processes work;
  • A World of Food: Fact-filled texts, colorful photos and easy-to-follow recipes from across the globe make this series ideal for middle-school social studies projects;
  • Looking at Europe: Rich overviews include the history and culture of Europe's former communist countries now becoming democracies;
  • Profiles: Collective biographies of men and women whose lives are woven together by common historical threads;
  • Business Builders: Stories of enterprising individuals who built and ran businesses in new fields;
  • Innovators: Advances in many areas of technology told through the stories of the people who made them;
  • Great Decisions: Discussions that put students in the shoes of leaders;
  • Shaping America: Collective biographies that chronicle the early settlement of what became the United States;
  • Art Masters: Stunning reproductions of art masterpieces in full color with biographies of the brilliant artists who created them;
  • In the Cabinet: Examines the successes and failures of notable presidential advisors.

Your satisfaction with our books is 100% guaranteed.