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Are Your Library Sales Something to Write Home About?

At last count, there were 16,698 public library buildings in the U.S. Now, ask yourself this question: How many librarians who purchase books for all those buildings even know about yours? If your answer is, “Not many,” then maybe we can help you.

Here’s how. Our company, The Oliver Press, Inc., has served the library market for more than 20 years. And not just public libraries. We also reach schools, both public and private. We do this mainly in two ways: first, our telephone sales representatives call librarians throughout the country every day, discovering what kind of books they’re looking for, often recommending new titles that might suit their patrons; and, second, our company’s longstanding relationships with dozens of library distributors large and small allow us to sell books to librarians who prefer one-stop shopping to build their collections.

While we can't promise that your book will be right for the library market, we will be happy to evaluate it at no charge. If it fits into our marketing model, we would be pleased to talk with you about our services. For details, call us at 1‑800‑OLIVER (1‑800‑865‑4837), Monday through Friday, 8:30‑4:30 CST, or send email inquiries to orders@oliverpress.com.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Lerner

The Oliver Press, Inc.
Charlotte Square
5707 West 36th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55416-2510




The Oliver Press can put your marketing materials in the hands of thousands of librarians across the country.